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Squiddie Sketches

God damn, I love drawing Squiddies. Something about the organic flow of things like buldges and tentacles mixed with the jagged edges of chiten...I love it.

Some basic body shape sketches. The latter one is kinda older.
An older drawing of a Squiddie and her human boyfriend. I'd say nsfw but I mean...you can't really see anything. Complete with a little poem. And unfinished, but you can sort of see some of her chiten there.
Interspecies sports just don't work. Nobody wants to play against a squiddie.
A close-up of a squiddies face. All those plates are the jointed covers of their mandibles, over the actual mouth. A "Squiddie Grin" is simply the natural alignment of the mandibles at rest, meaning that squiddie are constantly mimicking a human smile, or so it seems.
Mind you, when the mandibles are open, it's goddamn horrifying. The entire lower half of the face splits apart and the coiled tongues are unleashed. OM NOM NOM HRARRRGHLEBARGLE
You don't want to hear about squiddie genitalia. it takes forever to explain and is too complex and too squicky.
The very first drawings of a squiddie, made like...a year and a half ago. You can see where the design's changed and become less "I'm a tentacle alien" and more "KHSSSSTENTACLE EXTRATERRESTRIAL" over time. The face's have changed a lot. Also sorta basically shows the armor.
This is a Hishnar. They're not related to squiddies, and get very insulted if you insinuate they look alike.

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