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Dream Writings

I tend to have very interesting, chaotic dreams, but often times they give me some good ideas for brief little story concepts and whatnot. So, here I will share three brief little dream-derived writing ideas. These are free to use if you want. I mean, I'll probably never get around to them. Tell me if you do use them, though!

EDIT: I forgot the third one! I'l touch on it later, since it's longer.


The Gods are a trinity, three beings of the ocean deep. They have determined who enters the ocean and lives, when the fish come, and when the people will go into drought and hunger for centuries.
The first is a man, with the body and head of a sperm whale. He is judging and cruel and demands constant appeasement, and is endlessly hungry. He is massive, towering hundreds of feet tall, and he carries with him a fishing pole big enough to hook basking sharks, a net big enough to capture a city, and a hook on a pole thingy you see fishermen use, massive as well.
The second is a beast, aggressive and short-tempered, a four-headed mixture of shark, lobster, seal, and dolphin. It is covered with black and blue mottled plates of chitinous armor, ruffs of dark fur, silver scales, and dozen of legs and fins of all different species. It's tail is long and eel-like, prehensile, and between all it's heads rest it's true mouth, and octopus' beak.
The third is the most passive, yet the most dangerous. It resembles a sea urchin, made up of branching spines, with long flattened tentacles like kelp, and bony armored plates covered in coral and shelled creatures. It rarely moves and never reveals it's horrible mouth, a bottomless chasm of teeth and tongues, except to eat.

Noir Angel

An angel, newly formed and naive, ventures to earth to discover the fate of another angel who shed her wings to willingly become mortal. There, she discovers a never-ending battle between the forces of good and evil and all things in between that common mortals are unaware of. As she searches for her friend, she doesn't realize the corruption that the mortal world brings upon her until, giving up, she finds that she can no longer enter heaven. With her time running short before she truly becomes mortal, and her power growing limited, she becomes further and further disenchanted, especially after encounters with an old fallen god-spirit with waning powers (Native American?), a collection of vampires who yearn to take her blood to become more powerful, and a smattering of demons who have been enjoying themselves on earth.
Her and a demon who is slowly and unwillingly becoming mortal out of punishment for something or other meet and start to rely on each other for antagonistic survival.
It'd totally end with them falling in love, and with the power of LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE she regains the full use of her abilities and there's probably some epic fight scene where she brings down the wrath of god and then is like "Fuck heaven, I will be a mortal, they need me more" and blah blah blah happy ending.

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