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Harry Potter and the Overactive Story Seeding

Random Story Blot - What if Harry Potter had been evil? Think about it. He and Malfoy would have been best friends. He would be in Slytherin. He woudl have betrayed Dumbledore and slain Voldemort to become the new dark lord. And in a twist of fate, I imagie Neville would have defeated him.

Go Neville.

On to more important things and settings.

  Old character, old concept, new life.
Long story short, the Water-Walker is a character in a post-apocalyptic stereotypically desertish wasteland, that's infected with an alien parasite. Perhaps due to luck, or some other circumstances I haven't worked out yet, instead of consuming her brain and turning her into a rage-driven zombie bent on killing all humans (the world was destroyed by aliens, spoiler alert) it instead is nesting inside her chest cavity, having replaced some of her organs. The parasite, due to it's nature, seeks out cold, damp areas and dislikes direct sunlight, heat, and dryness, so it tends to lead her to wells or places where fresh water can be found, thus making her a lifesaver.

Blah blah blah NEXT IDEA.
Nazis riding dinosaurs.
I think that's all that needs to be said about that one.

Uhhh, what else is there.



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