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Redesigning the Marvel Universe, Spider Man Edition

And now, for something I'll be doing every so often. It's time to


Tonight we'll start by tackling Spider-Man, possibly one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and possibly the most profitable. My major thoughts for redesigning Spider-Man stem from reading a lot  of manga by Tsutomu Nihei lately.
 I like to imagine that this comic is about the Venom Symbiote because then it totally makes sense.
Tsutomu Nihei did such fantastic and utterly mind-blowing manga as Abara, BLAME, NOiSE, and of course, Biomega.
Not, in fact, even in the top twenty weirdest scenes from Biomega. Seriously. Beargun is like...maybe fifty or sixty down the list.
Seriously. Go read this stuff.
But a recurring theme in a lot of his work involves bio-technical armor that grows and adapts like it's own living thing, and lets be frank. I am utterly fascinated by that. To a possibly unhealthy degree, but it's given me the seed of inspiration I needed to start this off right. So, we begin this first edition of Redesign the Marvel Universe with

Peter Parker is a high school student, and that being said, he could use a lot of help in life. Although he is gifted in intelligence and cleverness, he is lacking in physical prowess as well as the confidence needed to make oneself stand out. That is, until a chance trip to a biotech research lab headed by his popular best friend's rich-ass father (Hey look it's the Goblins!) results in something going awry.
Now, linked to a symbiotic biotech armor that he can summon into action at will, giving him fantastic speed, strength, and agility along with incredibly heightened perceptions and endurance, he must find a way to use his newfound responsibility for good, as well as to stop the production of additional biotech horrors that Osborn intends to sell for war profiteering.

All in all, the concept regarding Spider-Man would be one of biotech. Spider-Man's design himself (which I hope to have sketches of soon) would be recognizable, but very...different. There would be a dark blue meshlike or maybe even fine scale-like texture to the skinsuit, although much of this spandex-like layer would be covered by connected, overlapping plates of red, chitenous armor (the sections and overlap would mimic the spiderweb pattern of the original costume to some degree) with darker, larger plates that provide structural support and additional armoring around the chest and back forming a spider-like insignia.
A big, however, would be in the mask, which would consist of large white eyepieces (transluscent lenses) that enhance his vision, and the helmet-like composition of the facial armor would probably leave maybe some of his hair exposed, and from the front would vaguely resemble a spider's mandibles and palps.
And the biggest difference would be that the armor on his back would gather together, and perhaps actually be able to sprout long, thin spiderlike legs to aid him in movement and all that other fun stuff. The trick would be making it seem like the armor's actually alive, in some aspect. It bares some working on.

And now, for some villains, graciously provided by Barry. HI BARRY.

Rhino is probably one of my favorite Spider-Man villains and I'm not sure why. I just love the big and dumb ones. :| Grr.
Biotech armor for this one, TOTALLY. Except like many of the villains, he'd actually be fused with his armor. Like steroids that happen to grow in heavy, armored plates all over your body. Big, ridiculously big guy, of course. Powerful-looking, the sort of build where you can tell that he could've made it big in football. The armor would be heavily plated and possibly a little medieval-looking, and of course bare a lot of resemblance to a rhino's actual tough skin, in that it'd be leathery and pebbled in texture. Two horns on the head, one jutting forth over the bridge of the nose, and a large one curving up slightly over the head, both used to gore and charge.
I imagine that he'd be able to switch between bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion at will, for easier charging and a more beastly fighting style. All in all, he'd be aggressive, dimwitted, maybe even partially blind if I wanted to be a durrhurr about. But he's good at following directions and knocking things (and people) down and out.

Scorpion is the easy one for the night. Chitenous armor, bigass armor covering his arms. The forearms would actually be encased in this heavy, grasping-claws type of armor so that the hands are exposed on the inside, but on the outside all you see are these huge, spiked, nasty-ass lobster claws. There would be a secondary and possibly even two other sets of thin, armor-based limbs down the sides of his body that could extend and grasp or maybe just stab at will. The more pointy bits, the better, so claws on everything. And then the tail...ah, the tail.
The tail would be insane. It'd be long, powerful, extending, prehensile, and have a large, scythe-like blade on the tip that probably drips venom. Or if I really wanted to make him overpowered, acid. You can pretty much see how this would go.

And then...Vulture.
Jesus. Vulture. What the hell am I supposed to do with you.
What the eff.
You know what? I'll save Vulture for next time. Or, if you're feeling particularly daring, tell me what I should do with Vulture.

In the meantime, you should all go read some Abara and take a nap. You could also make yourselves useful and submit some Redesigned Marvel Heroes/Villains to me in the comments, if you need. You don't even need an account to do so!

Agatha Out.


  1. For some reason, this reminds me of how a bunch of people in my LA class were sure that a wolverine isn't an actual animal.

  2. Reminds me of Japan's Spider-Man, you know, the one who got his power from Spider-Aliens.