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Commissioning Me

Do it.

I may not be able to draw everything perfectly, so I'll list the things I'm good at, and things I'm bad at-

Good at
Naked people, aliens, men and women, genitals, funky alien genitals, biological things, animals, bizarre and mundane creatures, dragons, plants, cloth and clothing, softcore porn.

Not so good at
Non-biological things, vehicles (cars, spaceships, planes), weapons, guns, armor, muscular men, skeletons, perspective, hardcore porn.

This doesn't mean that I won't draw these things, as a matter of fact, I will try quite hard to draw these things for you! I will just need referances, and they may come out a little wonky- but that's okay! The only way I'm gonna get better at drawing these things is by practicing!

Also, I can't really color.


Now, for some examples of art I've done recently-

I'm just gonna start putting new art up above here.
Two alien women; an Oruohan and Voorsin from my sci-fi setting. Genitals excluded.
Aiko has dat ass. Also an excuse to mess with back musculature.
Teenage vampires are not known for their self-control. Also, a rare use of color!
Dawn, the sidekick to a batman-style superheroine of mine. Inn't she cute?! Based off gymnast body types.
On the other hand, this bitch is a supervillainess.
An unused alien design I'm quite proud of!
I also use brush pens, sometimes, for curious sketches and simple designs- like so!
Some alien designs for my dear Lurker <3 done with brushpen.
The Xenomorph life cycle, tattoo-form. I really want to get these tattooed on me some day.
Andalite sketches!

Still interested? Shoot me an email at agatharights@gmail.com
Send me an amount between $5 and $10 dollars (or more if you really just want to throw money my way) as well as an E-mail or comment/post of what you'd like done. If you're on IRC, I can be contacted on SynIRC under Rights on #alienpornunlimited, or I can just do E-mails back and forth!

If you would like to me to do the comission before you pay, that can be arranged as well, although you'll only get lil' thumbnail images and clips up until payment. You can also request that images be changed, altered, or modified after they're finished, and may use my drawings on your own websites, for your own stuff, and can get them colored or modified by additional sources- just be sure to give me credit, somehow! :D It's only polite!

If you know anybody with some cash to burn, as well, shoot 'em my way!


The other night's dream

Was pretty cool.

The first part involved a recurring theme in my dreams, school buses, and was rather unremarkable other than that I accidentally drove a school bus off a cliff.

But at some point during this dream, what with weird dream logic and all, I was a reserve pilot for a spacecraft that was shuttling children in suspended animation to another planet. These children were orphans, going to live and work with families on a newly colonized planet. The trip there took months, and me and several other pilots rotated in and out of suspended sleep in order to pilot.

Anyways, the ship wakes me up in emergency state, because the ship has been damaged and is crash landing. The pilots who were supposed to be awake, I find dead, as I hurry to try and keep the ship in the air. I inevitably fail, but our landing is softened by our efforts enough that I, and the other reserve pilots, are unharmed. As soon as we can, we go to check on our precious cargo, of sleeping children.

Only to find their suspension pods empty. Somebody has stolen the children. A frantic search of the ship reveals that we were docked onto something and broken into, causing the ship damage, while we were in stasis. Somebody has kidnapped them.

In the dream-logic fashion, I begin to have memories of something like this happening before. Hearing noises on the ship, we hunt them down, and find one of the kids, who was frail and weaker than the others, hiding. After talking to him he reveals that aliens took the other kids, leaving him behind (because he was too weak?)

And in pure protagonist fashion, I remember that when I was a child, I was abducted by aliens (played by Predators in my dream, because my brain was apparently feeling a touch uncreative) to be used in sporting games against their own young children, like baiting dogs in a dogfighting ring. But instead, I had managed to survive long enough for a different clan of aliens who were just not cool with the whole "kids killing kids" thing to notice, and they stole me back and placed me back on Earth. I think. It was a little vague.

Anyways, the dream ended in completely badass fashion, with me saying something along the lines of "I know where these bastards are, and they're not going to hurt the children under my care."

And then I woke up.

Would this be good Predators fanfiction y/n?

Other dreams recently include having the superpower to destroy people's innocence at a touch, and barfing clouds of maggots that whizzed through the air, eating everything they came into contact with.


Hey Guys

I found a meme in a text file on my desktop. Dunno where it's from. I have added an analysis of the songs underneath them in italics.

If you made a movie, what would it's soundtrack be like? Put your MP3 player on random and fill this out to find out!
Party Hard - Andrew W.K.
Dragon Rider - Two Steps From Hell
Epic opening, too!
No More Films - 28 Days Later
Well, crap, that's twenty kinds of ominous
Fury - Metropolis OST
...what the fuck? I'm gonna just go out on a limb here and say that the protagonist falls in love with the antagonist, from this.
Manta Squadron - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow OST
I don't really have a comment. This is awesome fight music.
Totenkopf's Ark - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow OST
Haha, coincidentally...this is very ominous, subtle music. Not very fight-y, but I'll assume protagonist is getting their ass kicked.
Uepeker I - Ookami OST
Very peaceful? Must be thinking deeply about it.
Don Abandons Alice - 28 Weeks Later
...fitting, to say the least.
Tokyo Game Show 2004 Promotion - Ookami OST
So very cheerful! Must be a very upbeat flashback, probably involving kids or training or something.
Past the Point of No Return - Phantom of the Opera
...Oh, yeah. Definately a protagonist/antagonist relationship here. Srsly.
Big Bar Fight - Firefly OST
Ahahaha. AHhahaha. Hah. YEAH.
Technologic - Daft Punk
What? Dude, are there robots? AWESOME.
Visions - Unbreakable OST
Wow. Dramatic to the maximum here. Seriously.
Show Me Love (Extended Version) - TATU
...Epic deathbed hatefuck?
Uepeker II - Ookami OST
Oh hey! Full circle from the escape scene. Must be similar in text and scene. Awesome.
Seven Deadly Sins - Flogging Molly
Another perfect party song. YEAH.

That was pretty fun.


The Unfortunate Ghostification of Ava Phillips - Chapter One

Ava woke up with a start. It wasn’t the sticky, unpleasant fear-tainted awakening she’d been having latterly, but she was still jerked to wakefulness by something beyond her dreams. Struggling to her feet, she clutched at the bathroom counter to pull herself up, head throbbing miserably, the light in the bathroom seeming far too bright.

She had a vague memory of struggling, and of cold metal in her hands, and the sensation of losing control of her body, but at the moment the fever-heat burning in her skin and sound of rushing water in her ears was too overwhelming to focus in on those faint ghosts of memories. Resting her head against the cool marbletop of her counter, she closed her eyes and grumbled.

Then it occurred to her that the sound of rushing water wasn’t just in her ears.

Her tub was overflowing.

“Aw, shit-“ She started, moving to turn off the bathtub’s faucet. “…Aw, shit!” She shrieked, when turning to the tub found her facing herself, quite literally. “No! No no no!” She screamed, grabbing the edge of the tub. Her body slouched back in the warm water, still flowing, the toaster resting at her feet.

She had to admit, it was a rather strange scene, once she finished screaming and trying to pull her own body from the tub (an endeavor which proved ultimately impossible). Laying back in the tub, fully clothed, eyes forever closed up at the ceiling. After taking a few seconds to calm down, Ava could even find the scorching on the wall around the plug, where the toaster had shorted itself out, and looked over the red burns on her legs.

“…I’m dead.” She finally whispered, to herself, letting the realization sink in for quite a few silent minutes, staring at herself. “…That sucks.” An astute observation.

Just as she was wondering how long she’d been laying there, and how long she’d be left there, she heard a banging on the door. The super! Of course, the owner of the apartments would have thought something was strange if the water was running for long enough to flood the bathroom. “I’m in here!” She shouted. “Mister Atkinson, I’m in he- oh, damn it. Can’t hear me, can you?!”

He couldn’t.

“Miss Phillips?! You had better open this door!” He shouted. His keys rattled in the lock, and she jogged out to the living room, listening to him mutter to himself as he struggled to get the door open. “Probably left the tub on and left. Feh! Irresponsible little girl. Never should have let her take the apartment.”

“Yeah, well I never cared much for you either.” She snarked as he finally got the sticking door handle to turn.

“…Miss Phillips?” He entered, and she decided that she didn’t care much to see someone discover her own body, sitting on the couch and crossing her arms, wondering absently if there was going to be a bright light any time soon. “Oh my God! Miss Phillips! Ava!” Mr. Atkinson shouted. She heard splashing and the water turning off, and frowned to herself as he pulled out his cell phone, coming to watch from the bathroom door.

She didn’t like him, but that didn’t mean that she wanted him to go through the trauma of finding a dead tenant.

“Hello? 911? One of my tenants- I just found her in the bathtub! With a toaster!” Ava winced and closed her eyes, trying to block out what he was saying. What happened, she wondered, thinking back to the previous day.

Her body! It had killed her!

That son of a bitch! “That son of a bitch!” She thought, then shouted.

“Yes, she’s still breathing-“

Pulled from her thoughts, she suddenly turned her attention to Mr. Atkinson on the phone. “Wait! What?!”

“I can feel a pulse in her neck.”

“What?!” Ava knelt by herself, staring hard. How had she not noticed? Her breathing was shallow, but it was there, her chest rising and falling steadily, and she wasn’t blanched or soggy, like she would have expected a dead body in water to be. She was alive! “Yes! Thank you, God!” She whooped. Maybe this was all some fluke! An ambulance would come by, revive her, and she’d be back in business!

Who knows? She thought to herself. Maybe this is just what happens during a near death experience. Wouldn’t that be something? I hope I remember this, I could write a book about it!

“Ava, Miss Phillips, don’t worry, there will be people here soon.” Mr. Atkinson told her body, while Ava paced nearby, near-ecstatic with relief. Things went fast from there on out. She climbed on top of the stretcher the EMTs strapped her onto, and watched as they went to work around her in the ambulance. From there to the hospital, things seemed rather…boring, listening to doctors discuss her medical history, watching as they poked and prodded her body (which, according to them, was in fine working order, she was just unconscious) and waiting, eagerly, to be returned to her physical form.

The eagerness began to fade after several hours in a quiet hospital room, sitting beside the bed and awkwardly watching the nurse change her catheter bag. With no-one to make small talk to, the ghost thing was quickly starting to get a little uncomfortable.

“…Screw this, I’ll be back in a bit, Ava.” She told her unresponsive body, giving herself a pat on the head. “I’ve gotta stretch my legs.” Slipping out through the open door, she found herself in a quiet hospital wing, near-empty except for a few nurses and the occasional doctor. A cursory examination of the nearby walls found her a chart for visiting hours and a clock. Doing a bit of mental math, she figured that she’d fried herself almost a full 24 hours ago.

“…How long do you think you have to be unconscious for it to count as a coma?” She asked a passing nurse, who walked right past her without the slightest notice. “Yeah, I thought so.” Ava looked back at the clock with a frown, wondering when this was going to be over with, before she heard her mother’s familiar voice.

“Room 354…356…357! Oh, my Ava!” She hurried back to the room, finding that her mother had already taken up residence at her bedside, holding her hand, looking utterly miserable. Her father, a more reserved man, simple took a seat in the room and frowned. “Oh, I knew something was wrong with you, I just knew it! After those things you said, I looked up your condition on the internet, and I bet it was stress and depression and oh…my poor baby!” Her mother started to babble on and on, and Ava smiled.

Then, her body twitched, fingers curling around her mother’s hand.

“…yes…yes!” Ava cheered, hurrying to her own bedside. “Yes!” She closed her eyes tight and waited to feel solid flesh again, ready for it. If anything had been learned from this brief, horrible experience, it was that she really enjoyed being alive. Ava took in a deep breath, waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

“…Wh…who are you?” She cracked open an eye at the sound of her own voice, expectant smile replaced by a frown, and looked down at herself. Her body was awake, looking around weakly, and pulling it’s hand away from her mother’s. “…Where…where am I? Who are you?” It asked.

Ava stared as the nurses hurried in to help her body, completely at a loss for words or thoughts, before she did the only thing she could think to do. She slumped to her knees, thrust her arms at her body, and screamed.


The Unfortunate Ghostification of Ava Phillips - Prologue

Ava was not suicidal.

Which is why it occurred to her as very odd that her body was attempting to drop the toaster in the bathtub.

“No!” She shouted, trying to will her arms to put the device on the floor beside the tub, and her arms betrayed her, like things possessed, shaking as they struggled to maneuver the appliance into the water. The jerking, dangerous struggle went back and forth between Ava and her body, and Ava wondered if it was possible to be murdered by your own body.

Maybe it was.

This had been a very, very strange day, after all.

Perhaps some explanation was in order.

Ava Phillips had woken up that morning from the same nightmare she’d been having for months, a full hour before her alarm was set to go off. Grumpy and sleep deprived, and unable to remember what sort of dream it was that had her wake early and covered with a film of cold sweat, she had gone to get herself some coffee, and instead of bringing the cup to her lips, her arms has spontaneously begun to shake and jerk, spilling the burning liquid all down her front.

The rest of the day had gone downhill from there. At odd moments her hands reached out without her permission or command and done things inappropriate or dangerous, from sticking themselves out of the subway doors as the door was closing, to slapping a man she was on the elevator with (that had been awkward to try and explain). From there, her legs had tried to jump her off a balcony, and had tripped her down the stairs (a tumble cut short by collision with others).

By the time she returned home from work, she’d come to the conclusion that her body was rebelling, and had called her mother to tell her so. Of course, her mother was only so much help, insisting that all Ava needed was to relax in the bathtub and perhaps take some time off work, it must have been stress, after all. Ava’s mouth responded by (to her horror) telling the older woman to do many horribly unpleasant and unsanitary things.

So Ava went to take a bath, and found herself rather confused when she was standing in the bathtub, water running around her legs, holding a plugged-in-toaster as opposed to the lavender bubble bath she’d bought and had been saving since last year’s lonely Valentine’s Day.

“Oh, no.”

She breathed in deep, trying to force herself to throw the toaster away from the bath.

Her body didn’t listen, and finally, her shaking fingers released the toaster. The kitchen appliance seemed to fall forever, and Ava thought to herself.

What an awful waste to be killed by a toaster. Could this be worse?

To her brief surprise, something else that wasn’t her answered her own thought.


What the fu-

And then she thought no more.

Chapter One



Today, I talked about heroes.

Barry: I was never really a fan of Heroes so I wouldn't know lol

Me: Don't be. The first season is really good, I mean, it's your best friend in freshman year. You both love comic books and humor and weird comic plots, and awesome lines for villains, so you get along great. You're the best of friends through all of freshman year, and then comes summer, and you're really looking forwards to seeing Heroes again next fall in school.

And next fall you can tell that something's changed, subtly, but you don't quite get it at first. You still have good times together, but it seems a little condescending sometimes, and rude. They've started hanging out with new friends and you're never quite invited, so you can hang around but you're really awkward and they make fun of you. Suddenly at the end of your sophmore year, they punch you in the gut, breaking your heart, call you a nerd, and then shove you in a locker.

Junior year, they try to be freinds with you again out of some long-forgotten respect, and perhaps a longing to go back again, but they cave to peer pressure and start ostracizing you again. Eventually they take out their rage on you by molesting you in the lockers after gym one day, and never mentioning again, and even though it felt kind of good the guilt of enjoying it is killing you because of how terrible they are.

Senior year, they're not in school. They've gone straight to juvie, supposedly for underage lesbian porn or something like that, maybe killing a man, and you lost contact with them alltogether. You go off and find new friends, and then one day your hear, secondhand, that they've been killed (cancelled) in juvinall hall. But, yet, despite all those great times you've had, you just can't work up any emotions for them. You feel nothing about their death, and you move on, like they were never there.

Until No Ordinary Family starts, at least.



I hate Saturdays. Nobody is ever available Saturdays. :|