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Alien Exploration - The Sesshoun

Sesshoun are considered to be the 'dominant' species on the planet much for the same reason humans are on earth. They're technologically adept, sentient, and found everywhere that can sustain life and some places that don't. Descended from nomadic herd-animals that were descended from tree-dwelling packs of small hummingbird-like creatures, they're quite an interesting species. Standing a good several feet over human average, they have slim, jawless, anteater-like heads, strong raptorlike bodies and legs with powerful arms and four-fingered (two fingers, two thumbs symmetrically) hands, and long, heavy tails that are fanned at the ends.
Their entire body is covered with a coat of pale, downy fur of various texture and thickness depending upon individuals. While females have relatively smooth feathers with short, stiff 'ruffs' along their ears, arms, and legs, males have much longer, more elaborate 'ruffs' that, in mating season, can grow into dazzling, colorful displays of long, stiff feathers. Males often retain other colored patterns through the rest of the year, but only have full, dazzling coloration at the height of mating season. Various color morphs of the species as a whole exist, making them a varied, visually stunning species that can display every color and then some.
Despite their large, strong bodies and sharp claws, they're completely herbivorous liquivores and are very friendly and fiercely loyal by their herd-animal nature.
 Sketches abound!

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