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Making things that you can see. Unless you're blind.


Commissioning Me

Do it.

I may not be able to draw everything perfectly, so I'll list the things I'm good at, and things I'm bad at-

Good at
Naked people, aliens, men and women, genitals, funky alien genitals, biological things, animals, bizarre and mundane creatures, dragons, plants, cloth and clothing, softcore porn.

Not so good at
Non-biological things, vehicles (cars, spaceships, planes), weapons, guns, armor, muscular men, skeletons, perspective, hardcore porn.

This doesn't mean that I won't draw these things, as a matter of fact, I will try quite hard to draw these things for you! I will just need referances, and they may come out a little wonky- but that's okay! The only way I'm gonna get better at drawing these things is by practicing!

Also, I can't really color.


Now, for some examples of art I've done recently-

I'm just gonna start putting new art up above here.
Two alien women; an Oruohan and Voorsin from my sci-fi setting. Genitals excluded.
Aiko has dat ass. Also an excuse to mess with back musculature.
Teenage vampires are not known for their self-control. Also, a rare use of color!
Dawn, the sidekick to a batman-style superheroine of mine. Inn't she cute?! Based off gymnast body types.
On the other hand, this bitch is a supervillainess.
An unused alien design I'm quite proud of!
I also use brush pens, sometimes, for curious sketches and simple designs- like so!
Some alien designs for my dear Lurker <3 done with brushpen.
The Xenomorph life cycle, tattoo-form. I really want to get these tattooed on me some day.
Andalite sketches!

Still interested? Shoot me an email at agatharights@gmail.com
Send me an amount between $5 and $10 dollars (or more if you really just want to throw money my way) as well as an E-mail or comment/post of what you'd like done. If you're on IRC, I can be contacted on SynIRC under Rights on #alienpornunlimited, or I can just do E-mails back and forth!

If you would like to me to do the comission before you pay, that can be arranged as well, although you'll only get lil' thumbnail images and clips up until payment. You can also request that images be changed, altered, or modified after they're finished, and may use my drawings on your own websites, for your own stuff, and can get them colored or modified by additional sources- just be sure to give me credit, somehow! :D It's only polite!

If you know anybody with some cash to burn, as well, shoot 'em my way!

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  1. I'm setting up an bank account now (about time). You still doing these?