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Today, I talked about heroes.

Barry: I was never really a fan of Heroes so I wouldn't know lol

Me: Don't be. The first season is really good, I mean, it's your best friend in freshman year. You both love comic books and humor and weird comic plots, and awesome lines for villains, so you get along great. You're the best of friends through all of freshman year, and then comes summer, and you're really looking forwards to seeing Heroes again next fall in school.

And next fall you can tell that something's changed, subtly, but you don't quite get it at first. You still have good times together, but it seems a little condescending sometimes, and rude. They've started hanging out with new friends and you're never quite invited, so you can hang around but you're really awkward and they make fun of you. Suddenly at the end of your sophmore year, they punch you in the gut, breaking your heart, call you a nerd, and then shove you in a locker.

Junior year, they try to be freinds with you again out of some long-forgotten respect, and perhaps a longing to go back again, but they cave to peer pressure and start ostracizing you again. Eventually they take out their rage on you by molesting you in the lockers after gym one day, and never mentioning again, and even though it felt kind of good the guilt of enjoying it is killing you because of how terrible they are.

Senior year, they're not in school. They've gone straight to juvie, supposedly for underage lesbian porn or something like that, maybe killing a man, and you lost contact with them alltogether. You go off and find new friends, and then one day your hear, secondhand, that they've been killed (cancelled) in juvinall hall. But, yet, despite all those great times you've had, you just can't work up any emotions for them. You feel nothing about their death, and you move on, like they were never there.

Until No Ordinary Family starts, at least.

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  1. I do like it, Agatha... Never watched the show, but yeah, there's the potential lost there, and it's sad.