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The other night's dream

Was pretty cool.

The first part involved a recurring theme in my dreams, school buses, and was rather unremarkable other than that I accidentally drove a school bus off a cliff.

But at some point during this dream, what with weird dream logic and all, I was a reserve pilot for a spacecraft that was shuttling children in suspended animation to another planet. These children were orphans, going to live and work with families on a newly colonized planet. The trip there took months, and me and several other pilots rotated in and out of suspended sleep in order to pilot.

Anyways, the ship wakes me up in emergency state, because the ship has been damaged and is crash landing. The pilots who were supposed to be awake, I find dead, as I hurry to try and keep the ship in the air. I inevitably fail, but our landing is softened by our efforts enough that I, and the other reserve pilots, are unharmed. As soon as we can, we go to check on our precious cargo, of sleeping children.

Only to find their suspension pods empty. Somebody has stolen the children. A frantic search of the ship reveals that we were docked onto something and broken into, causing the ship damage, while we were in stasis. Somebody has kidnapped them.

In the dream-logic fashion, I begin to have memories of something like this happening before. Hearing noises on the ship, we hunt them down, and find one of the kids, who was frail and weaker than the others, hiding. After talking to him he reveals that aliens took the other kids, leaving him behind (because he was too weak?)

And in pure protagonist fashion, I remember that when I was a child, I was abducted by aliens (played by Predators in my dream, because my brain was apparently feeling a touch uncreative) to be used in sporting games against their own young children, like baiting dogs in a dogfighting ring. But instead, I had managed to survive long enough for a different clan of aliens who were just not cool with the whole "kids killing kids" thing to notice, and they stole me back and placed me back on Earth. I think. It was a little vague.

Anyways, the dream ended in completely badass fashion, with me saying something along the lines of "I know where these bastards are, and they're not going to hurt the children under my care."

And then I woke up.

Would this be good Predators fanfiction y/n?

Other dreams recently include having the superpower to destroy people's innocence at a touch, and barfing clouds of maggots that whizzed through the air, eating everything they came into contact with.

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