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Another Prety Cool Dream

Fff I want to make this one a movie. Or a video game. Edited for content.

The dream starts off with me switching between my life and universe, and finding myself in the body of another person in an alternate universe. While I am in this alternate universe, I know that I am not this young man, but I cannot remember who I am until I switch back. With time, me and the man realize that we are swapping bodies and realities periodically, and begin to find ways to communicate. We explore each other's realities, finding others like us, and sometimes managing to swap bodies with them.

Over time, we realize that this vastly powerful wizard/monster/robot? thing had split the world into a number of separate realities, dividing each person and the world's power so that noone could ever be powerful enough to overtake him/it, the only "whole" being in the world. But it just so happened that individuals it came into contact with, such as me and the man, became 'linked' through it.

There was a really cool part there about how all these individuals were linked, strung together like a spiderweb across the multiverse. It was really cool.

Anyways, we all bonded together in order to bring together a full scale assault on him, simultaneously in all universes. It was very trippy. As in, like, one second you'd be watching modern military forces firing upon it with M-16s, and the next you'd be seeing knights in armor slinging magic arrows at it. THe same people, the same thing, just split into a dozen different versions, all being pulled closer and closer together.

In the end, though, those of us who came together to fight found ourselves lost, unable to come together with the rest of our 'whole' selves. Through his touch that had linked us together, he had made us the unfitting pieces, which could not be rejoined to the greater multidimensional puzzle. It blew. But hey, we got to explore new places.

Other worthwhile parts of the dream involved a chase scene on top of a huge steampunk train with centipede legs, that was the width of a ballroom, stacked with cargo of all sorts, and some trippy ass fight scenes. THere also was a part involving talking to ducks at a duck pond.

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