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Gotta Write Dreams Down Sooner

Ffff the dreams are partially gone but I can kinda remember them. THe more recent one first.

There is a game called SIEGE in which players enter virtual reality, form teams, build castles, choose weapons, and then try to take over each other's castles. The two teams are red and blue, and I (or somebody I keep being) is on the red team. THe red team, however, starts to cheat, and I pledge a secret loyalty to the blue team. There is a great battle, and the blue team is overtaken, the royal family (who must be killed in order to win) barricading themselves inside the castle. While they are hiding, I go to the red castle and find the royalty. I assassinate them, tearing off my red tunic to reveal by blue knight's armor.

It is totally awesome and visually stunning. I'm sure ther ewas more to this dream.

Next dream, from a while ago.

There are people who go to "Hell" in order to hunt rogue souls or stray demons. I have clearly watched too much Kekkashi. Anyways, the descent to hell is fast and rough, and once there these unique people have the ability to manipulate the landscape toa small degree, although it drains their energy to do so. Cue epic demon fights while tossing literal lakes and mountains at things. Woo.

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