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Dream Writings 3

More bizarre dreams.

First up, we have the alien adoption. I don't remember much about this one. We've gone to war with some spacefaring race, and wound up winning. Unfortunately, we find that they were invading in a last, desperate hope that they could colonize the earth, before their failing spacecraft finally died and killed off the last of their species.

Many aliens have died in the war, leaving behind a mothership full of eggs and children, their captive, docile queen helpless.

Humans, being the bleeding hearts that we are, decide that the thing to do is allow adoptions of the aliens into loving families. My own home is chosen, much to my delight, and I begin to raise my alien daughter alongside Ophelia. I don't remember the rest of the dream, other than some vague stuff about riding on top of trains and attempting to get rid of a hornet's nest in the bathroom. OH DREAMS.

Dream #2 was the cool one. I've moved to the city for some reason or other, and have moved into an apartment with a man seeking a roomate. I arrive early in the day, instead of at night when I'd planned, and can't seem to find him, although he seems to have left his dog in the apartment. It's a sweet dog, wolflike, well trained, and I don't think much of it. But that night, as it turns out, is the night of the full moon.

And the wolf is actually a werehuman.

Embarrassed, he explains the situation to me, but I'm cool with it. We open up an art store together and spend quite a bit of time observing humanity. He teaches me about werehumans in the process. Its weird.

Anyways both of these seem like pretty hip short story ideas. I could really expand on either one of them. More later.

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