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Crash Alien Design

"Hey, Agatha, make an alien that isn't insanely inhuman and horrific."


Info and NSFW below the cut

So, the Oruohan were an attempt at crash aliens. Meaning that I had to design and settle on an alien species in a matter of minutes, with no plan time, biology time, blah blah blah. And they had to be forehead aliens.

Augh, her legs are so wonky. I hate them. Anyways, was playing with alternative sexual features. I decided to keep them more or less human, but I did away with the female breasts, and instead made the primary sexual indicator their pseudohorns (those antennae like thingies). Males have big ones, females have lil' ones. Males also tend to be larger and more structured in stature, with thicker tails.
Because aliens shoudl be a little pudgy now and then too.
 Color testing from before I decided to just make 'em patternful.

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