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Redesign the Marvel Universe, Wolverine Storytime Prep

 Wolverine is still my favorite comic book character.

Okay, actually, it's Sabretooth, but you get the point.

 On tonight's edition of Redesign the Marvel Universe, I'd like to take you back. Back to the start of the X-men. And oh god damn it, I forgot Japanese, but oh well. I'm sure I can go back and translate or bull my way through stuff later.

For those of you with short attention spans, the RtMU X-men are the result of reading far too much manga than I should, many of it involving super powered schoolchildren. But, long before the short sailor-skirt uniforms and wispy young men wearing ties while slinging energy beams at each other, there was the clan. Or group. Project? I'm not sure, but I'll find an appropriate title using Weapon for it in Japanese later.
A gathering of supernaturally powered beings that came together from all across the world, over a century ago. Their founding members were Wolverine, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Silver Fox, Fantomex, Kestrel, Kane, Mastodon, Maverick, and Deadpool.

But ignore half those guys for now because I'm still figuring out what we do with them, so, onwards we move to Wolverine, Silver Fox, and Sabretooth.

Wolverine is, of course, the one everybody wants to hear of. So guess what kids. It’s storytime.

The Badger, the Tiger, the Woman, and the Fox, Design session

Wolverine, Wolverine, what am I going to do with you. I presume, like all good times, you keep to yourself.
Wolverine is tricky in the fact that I don't want him to be Lone Wolf and Cub. He's not a wanderer here, a bladesmith maybe. He keeps to himself, doesn't leave. Nobody knows where he came from, nobody is certain of what or who he is. Rumors abound in the village- some claim that he's a forest spirit, or monkey god (he totally has monkey hair. Seriously.), or transformed badger, or what-have-you, although I assume that it'd be hinted he's a noble birth.
As for what he is...well...mutants aren't exactly "mutants" in RtMU. More on that later.
Anyways, he comes with your standard array of Wolverine-powers, which the village loves to gossip about. He's got the senses of a wolf, he heals like nothing alive should, blah blah blah.
Argh those motherfucking claws.

I hate you claws


I'm still working on those. I mean, I love the claws, they're iconic and all, but working them in with him at this point...just doesn't mesh with me. So for now, I'll say that here, where the story of wolverine begins, he denies them. He is trying to live a wholly human life, and one based around making pointy things for other people to stab folk with, at that. He hides them, retracts them, prefers that noone see them.
He has a gentle, sweet wife, Itsu. Itsu fell hard in love with him after he defended her from bandits or something. Whatever.
Itsu will also get knocked up with Daken later.
Yes, I hate Daken with a passion, but I love remaking characters even more, so this should be good.

Wolverine, int he meantime, though, would prefer to be left alone to his own life. To live with his wife and forge in peace. But, that would make for one boring story...and he's a very noble man. Very strong-hearted, brave, and very willing to fight for what he knows is right. So whenever something threatens his village or those around him, it starts to fall to him to be the hero. And that attracts the attention of

Sabretooth. God, how I love you.

A wandering mercenary, Sabretooth is a man to be feared. Tall, pale-haired, with muscles anybody can damn well sense under his heavy robes, he's feral and makes no effort to hide his...peculiarities. Whatever happens, it brings Wolverine and Sabretooth together as comrades and peers, fighting off the same enemy, and forging them into brothers. Sabretooth is something of a mystery, though. He sleeps outdoors, he pays no attention to many (although he is, of course, inhumanly perceptive to everything) and is quite clearly no simple, plain man.

And as our intrepid Wolverine would deduct, no man, to boot.

Behold the return of Female Sabretooth. The greatest RP-made AU villain ever.
 And as things happen, word of them draws more and more attention from a strange crowd.

Silver Fox is almost too easy to remake into a young kitsune. Still mortal, a servant of the moon, the Silver Fox is a spirit and a fighter who takes a liking to these two, and their adventures as they continue. Of course, the Weapon X crew get pulled in here from all across the globe by the lure of fame, fortune, and strangeness, but at least, for now...it largely circles around Wolverine, Silver Fox, and Sabretooth.

What's in store for them? Love quadrangles, illegitimate children, massive amounts of bloodshed, monsters, steampunk, zombies, murder, and mayhem.
So stay tuned, kids. Sometimes I actually write coherant things.

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