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  1. Hello. I go by "Stormcrow" on the Taenaria.com boards, and I'm acquainted with Aelanna, just to give you an idea of who the heck is randomly commenting.

    First, I'll say that you've got well more artistic skill than I do, and I think your stuff looks great.

    I do always find it amusing, however, when anthropomorphised creatures still end up with very "human" anatomies, namely that so many species of "alien" being inevitably end up having females with human-like breasts.

    While there's nothing inherently wrong with that (who says aliens have to follow the same rules we do?), the idea of *birds* with mammary glands just seems... funny to me, for some reason.

    But then, we go with what we know, and if we're practised in drawing human anatomy (and you certainly seem to be), then it's almost automatic that we'll do male figures and female figures based on the human model.

    Your Sesshoun, in that sense, are actually more interesting than these "Caws," because they did come across as more "alien" and less "people-changed-into-birds".

    All the same, you're definitely skilled. :)





    Sorry, I'm just very tired of having to explain this every time somebody comments that birds don't have boobs. I know how stupid birds with boobs is, beaks + boobs don't mix. I mean, I have a six month old and I know that even lips and boobs can be painful and cause problems.

    Trust me, if I draw boobs, you'll notice. And those are not boobs, those are pigeon-chests. Because if I draw boobs they'll be big and well-defined and bouncy, instead of just ruffs of feathers over pectoral muscles.

    And yes, they have emphasized chests, but males have the same chest too. The difference is that the female's smaller build and wider hips make it more obvious, as does this particular culture of caws liking garments such as corsets and cinched waists in females. Caw are very similar to humans, and that's why they look similar. They're descended from tree-dwelling, lemur like ancestors. That's more or less the whole point of the caw, is that the Caw /are/ very human, as far as alien species go. They started out similar to humans, and are going in a similar direction to humans. Sort of a glimpse into our own past, if you will.

    Caw are closer to mammals in almost every biological respect. A beak is just another way of making a mouth, it has nothing to do with birds in my mind. They are covered with a thick coat of fur (not feathers) and have leathery, sometimes slightly fuzzy skin on their face, hands, and tail. While they are birdlike in the fact that they produce something similar to crop milk, the actual glands behind it are more mammalian than avian (and one of the several reasons their rib cages are so pronounced.

    Anyways, the point is that it's hard to emphasize between males and females of a species without resorting to basic body shape, but I'm just peeved that the second anybody sees any curves they automatically assume that there's breasts.

    I'm sorry for being rude. I really shouldn't get so steamed up about this, and you wouldn't know why.

    It's just that you're literally the twentieth-some person to ask why the birdpeople have tits.


    Also, the first three caw there are all female. Only the last one is male, if you really want to see sexual dimorphism in caw, you look at the beak. Females tend to have smaller, narrower, very smooth beaks, but a male's attractiveness (ironically, similar to a human woman's breasts) often rides on the shape and size of his beak.


    Okay, I think I'm done ranting.

    Again, sorry for being rude, but it just peeves me that everybody sees the need to tell me that BIRDS DONT HAV BOOBS LAWL in a big long post every time they see the caw for the first time instead of going "Hey, are those breasts? Breasts are impractical. Maybe they're not breasts. I should ask."

    Good night.

    And thanks. :| Sorry if I seem ungrateful. I'm prone to ranting and being pissy after a long day at work.